Latino-Owned Business Badge​​​​​​​
Google and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce partnered to create a Latino-owned attribute in Search, Maps and Shopping. The badge reflected culture heritage with a new tech feature that was unveiled on social media and brought to life by Google Brand Studio with visuals representing the vivid bordados found in Latin America. 
Role: Motion Designer
Additional Contributors:
Visual Designer: Nagini Reddy
Motion Designer: Adam Gill
Creative Lead: KK Walker
The history of bordados is one with a lot of personal significance for me. Growing up, I would sit at the kitchen table with my grandmother as she prepped many embroidered pieces. I would sketch flowers onto the clothes (or as we called them, manteles) using a #2 pencil to create outlines for her embroidered patterns. Our digital badge explorations tapped into this process by incorporating stitches and sketch-like outlines. During the exploration phase, I also hand-stitched bordado, as my grandmother and I once did, to explore a handmade look. 

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