Objective: Generate interaction with Hemp Synergy's newly launched bath bomb products through targeted Facebook adverts. 
Role: In-house designer – In this role, I took this project from concept to the finished product. I began by working through an observational phase in which I researched user demographics to identify a creative direction . To understand the user experience, I tested the product and drew inspiration from a self-care ritual. With these experiences in hand, I developed and delivered a pitch for a series of 22 social media posts that place the product in visual narratives that reflect joy, self-love, and relaxation. 
Within the execution phase, my role consisted of developing a project timeline, storyboards, itemized prop budget proposal, finalized messaging, on set studio direction, graphic design, and animation.

Results: The first round of advertisements exceeded engagement expectations within the first week of launching. The items included below are from the first round of advertisements. 

Role: Creative Direction and Animation
Additional Contributors:
Photographer: Kenny Hogan

Senior Advertising Executive: Keri Galatio

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